Why Callahan's K9 Camp ?

Do you have work commitments that are keeping you late? Busy lifestyle with little or no spare time for your dog(s)?  No back yard to romp around in? Is your dog disobedient and /or overweight? 


Dogs are pack animals. Their ancestors ( wolves) lived and traveled in packs. Wolves can travel as much as 30 miles a day. The average dog can't travel 30 miles a day but all dogs are hard-wired to travel as a pack and get daily exercise. Your family is his/her pack.  Leaving dogs at home all day can make them anxious or stressed (not to mention lonely) and can lead to a buildup of energy and they can develop bad habits (i.e. Over-excitement, jumping on adults/children, barking, chewing, digging, aggression towards other dogs and generally being destructive). Lack of weekly training, physical exercise, mental stimulation, and socialization with other dogs are primary causes of misbehavior. Exercising breaks the boredom, relieve loneliness, and allows your dog to release energy. Just like human athletes, weekly practice prevents them from getting rusty in their skills. Your dogs weekly training of basic obedience   ( sit, stay, down..etc)  prevents your dog from becoming rusty in their basic obedience skills and helps you build a better bond with your dog, creating a well balanced happy dog. We do require you to work on your dog's basic obedience skills weekly to ensure they don't become rusty. We hike Monday - Friday with weekends upon request. Holidays will have a separate price from normal business hours ( Call for pricing 203 892-7430 ).


Serving in Hamden, North Haven, and the northern end of New Haven  


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Pack Hike 


The dogs will be off-leash hiked for 2 hours in a small pack. They run up and down the trails burning off energy while having fun. Swimming to cool off in the rivers, lakes, and ponds nearby.  Organic treats are given to them on the hike as well. We work on basic obedience with the dogs on the hikes as well ( Sit, Stay, Come..etc) Dogs that have never been off leash before will be on leash for the first few weeks or months depending on how well they are responding to basic obedience commands. They will be on a short leash then graduating to a long line that they drag on the ground until their basic obedience is down. This is why we require you to work on basic obedience weekly with your dog. It helps the hike go more smoothly.

I will be putting an orange waterproof collar with bells on your dog so I can hear them and so other wild animals/other hikers can as well. Pictures and videos of your dog(s) will be uploaded daily on our Instagram page: Callahank9Camp and the facebook page.

Hiking Rates:

$35 - Single dog per hike

$65- Two dogs from the same house per hike

* Pick up and drop-offs are included in the price

At least 2 hikes scheduled per week is mandatory so the pack gets to bond better and learn the routine/basic obedience 

In case of bad weather ( Thunderstorms, Nor-Easter or extreme heat wave), I check the forecast the night before and morning of. Hikes will be delayed or canceled depending on the conditions and severity of the weather. I will let you know the night before If I can call it that early or if I can't I will let you know first thing in the morning.


* If you are outside the 10-mile radius there will be an additional $5 charge each pickup and drop off  



Pet sitting gets booked up quickly, so call and book ahead of time to reserve your dates

  • Dogs need to have ID tag on the collar

  • Dogs MUST be up-to-date with their vaccinations (proof of Distemper, Lepto, Parvo, Bordatella, and Rabies is required).

  • Dogs must be treated regularly with flea and tick medication (encountering insects on the trails are unavoidable and we care about the health of your dog). You can pick up a dog flea collar at your local pet supplies store or order online. They repel ticks and fleas, lasting 8 months and are waterproof. Seresto and Dewel are two examples of flea collars brands. ( Ask vet beforehand)

  • Dogs must be treated monthly with a heartworm preventative ( Ask your vet)

  • If you have a puppy, please contact and ask your vet beforehand. Puppies are growing and too much exercise can irritate growing plates. 

  • Your dog must respond to a recall so I can call them back to me 


Pet sitting

We offer In-home overnight dog and cat sitting. Rates listed below


Holidays start at

$85 per day

New Year's day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day,

4th of July Independence Day


* Additional charges for gas will apply if you're outside the 10-mile radius  and if there are paid to park fees

**Pet sitting gets booked quickly, so call and book ahead of time. I can only book a few pets per week. **




In-home overnight dog sitting will include 4 outings per day. They will be let out between 6am-8am to relieve themselves for 15 minutes, then fed breakfast/given fresh water. Administer medication if applicable. Then between 11:30am-1pm they will be walked for 30-45 minutes depending on the weather. Around 4pm-6pm they will be walked again for 30-45 minutes ( fed dinner and given fresh water after their walk) and have their last bathroom break of the day between 8pm-10pm. If you don't need me to sleep at your house, the same schedule still applies, I will instead drive ( or walking if close enough) to your house to care for your dog(s). Video and picture updates will be uploaded on our Instagram page each visit and facebook page. Every pet is different and so are their needs. We can customize schedules to fit your pets needs.  


Morning visit to feed breakfast and give fresh water. Administer medication if applicable. Clean the litter box and sweep any litter around the outside of the litter box. Brushing and play time. Watering of plants and monitoring the temperature of the house. Bringing in mail/newspaper/packages. Video and picture updates will be uploaded on our Instagram page each visit.  Every pet is different and so are their needs. We can customize schedules to fit your pets needs.  



$65 per day for a single dog 

+ $15 each additional dog 

Holidays start at $85 per day for a single dog  

+ $15 for each additional dog

$35 per day for a single cat

+$10 for each additional cat

Holidays start at $85 per day for a single cat

+$10 for each additional cat

Dog Rates:

Cat Rates 



6 am - 9 pm


6 am-9 pm


*Holidays by special request* 


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