About me

My name is Chelsea Callahan. Animals of all sizes have always been a big part of my life. Growing up I had dogs, a pet mouse and snakes as pets. I currently share my home with a Pit Bull named Bree, Greater Swiss Mountain dog named Layla, and a Tabby cat named Bee. Back in elementary school and high school, I was the local dog walker. When my neighbors went on vacations, I took care of their dogs. Freshman year in college I was a dog groomer. Sophomore year I decided I wanted to open my own business in dog walking. So in between classes, I walked dogs and took care of horses at a local barn.I have always been an avid hiker and played sports growing up through college. One of my neighbors asked if her dog could join my dogs for a hike. That gave me the great idea of starting Callahan's K9 Camp back in 2013.


  At Callahan's K9 Camp's, our mission is to help owners by helping their K9 companions get back to their roots by achieving balance through exercise, socialization and experiencing mother nature. I treat every dog as if he or she were my own. Callahan's K9 Camp offers an off leash hiking experience based out of Hamden Connecticut.We hike on local trails and in towns near by. All breeds regardless of size are welcome to join the fun !


"Bree ( Pit Bull) and Layla ( Greater Swiss Mountain dog) were the reason why I started this business in the first place. Their love for hiking and swimming created this wonderful company. I can't thank them enough."

- Chelsea 

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